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Final Expense Insurance

What is final expense insurance?

Final expense insurance, also known as burial or funeral insurance, is how you can take care of your loved ones after you’re gone. It can help cover funeral costs, credit card debt and maybe even leave a little something for your kids or grandkids.

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Coverage is guaranteed with final expense insurance.

If you’re between the ages of 45-85, you can get up to $25,000 in affordable final expense insurance. No medical exams. No health questions. And you can’t be turned down. Coverage begins as soon as your application is received and accepted.

Key Facts About Final Expense Insurance

Find the right type of burial insurance for you and your family.

Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance

  • Only a few medical questions – no exam
  • Coverage between $2,000 and $40,000 for ages 45-85
  • Premium levels to age 100

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance

  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • No medical exam or health questions
  • Rates are guaranteed

Critical Illness Life Insurance

  • Pays a lump-sum benefit upon diagnosis
  • No medical exam
  • Lifetime coverage

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Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is one of the most affordable ways to protect your family’s financial security if something were to happen to you. It can help cover the cost of a mortgage, utilities, college tuition, or any other expenses your loved ones are left to cover.

Learn more about term life insurance.

What kind of life insurance is right for me?

If you’re concerned about qualifying for traditional life insurance due to your age or health, final expense insurance is likely a smart choice. Although the coverage amount might be lower than the total you can find with term life insurance, your chance at lower premiums is more favorable.

If your health and age are not of concern and you’re hoping to provide substantial financial support for your family and loved ones, then term life insurance is likely going to be a good option for you.

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Find the right type of insurance for you and your loved ones today.

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